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Electricity Safety

Albemarle EMC operates power lines with voltages as high as 35,000 volts. This is almost 300 times higher than the voltage in your outlets. When we work with these high-voltage lines, our number one concern is safety. We are surrounded by electricity in our homes and offices every day. Safety must be a concern because, regardless of the voltage, electricity can be dangerous.
  1. Always call NC 811 before digging. Dial 811 or 1-800-632-4949.
  2. Be careful using a ladder, pool skimmer or any long object. You may come in contact with overhead lines.
  3. Look before you climb any tree to be sure no wires run through or near it. You could be electrocuted if branches come in contact with the wire.
  4. Keep electrical appliances away from any water such as rain, wet ground, swimming pools, sprinklers and hoses.
  5. Be alert for bent plugs and frayed cords on electrical appliances and fixtures. Have them replaced if they are damaged.
  6. Fly your kite away from power lines and substations.
  7. Never put your finger, or anything other than an electrical plug, in an outlet.
  8. Pull by the plug, not the cord, when unplugging an appliance.
  9. Do not overload outlets.
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