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Operation Roundup, Albemarle Community Trust

Through Operation RoundUp, the entire membership is offered an opportunity to give back to our community. By giving an average of just $6 per year, our members can help to change lives in our area. Here is how the program works: Members can elect to have their power bill rounded up to the nearest dollar amount. The difference between the rounded amount and the actual electric bill is then donated entirely to the Albemarle Community Trust (ACT). ACT is governed by a volunteer board of directors that is appointed by the Albemarle EMC Board of Directors. The members of the ACT board do not have to be members of Albemarle EMC, but are required to live in the Albemarle region. Community groups can apply to the ACT for funding of various educational or charitable projects. Individuals may apply for funding of an emergency type need. ACT does not use funds to pay utility bills. Members who currently participate in Operation Roundup may opt out at any time.

2021 Application Deadlines  2021 ACT Meetings
Fri. January 29 Tue. February 9
Wed. March 31 Tue. April 13
Mon. May 31 Tue. June 8
Fri. July 30 Tue. August 10
Thu. September 30 Tue. October 12
Tue. November 30 Tue. December 14
2022 Application Deadlines  2022 ACT Meetings
Mon. January 31 Tue. February 8







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