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Outdoor Lighting Options

From a basic security light to the acorn-style decorative fixture, Albemarle EMC offers a lighting package that is right for you. Apply for the light, sign a lighting contract and let us know where to locate it. That's all there is to it. The monthly fee will be on your bill and covers energy for the light, the fixture, labor and bulbs. If the light goes out, simply place a service call, and co-op staff will make the repair. You will have worry-free lighting. For more information, contact us.


The 48-watt LED security light is the standard security light for residential applications.

The 250-watt, high-pressure sodium version of the security light is similar to the 100-watt, high-pressure sodium light.
The difference is the light level. This fixture produces more lumens.

This fixture is the answer to your flood lighting needs.
The 266-watt, LED flood light produces intense directional lighting for parking lots, buildings, farms, etc.

The cobra-head fixture is a lighting option for streets and parking lots.
A 150-watt, high-pressure sodium bulb produces the extra light needed in these areas.

The colonial fixture is our simple addition to the decorative lighting category.
With a 100-watt, high-pressure sodium bulb, it is a perfect choice for economical decorative lighting.

The acorn fixture offers a contemporary look to your subdivision or business.
With a 100-watt, high-pressure sodium bulb, it is offered with a smooth or fluted aluminum pole. You can choose the look you want.




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