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Storm Safety

We all know that our area is prone to severe thunderstorms and hurricanes. Whenever such a storm arises, please follow these helpful tips:

  1. Keep away from windows and open doors.
  2. Do not use electrical appliances or the telephone. Lightning can follow the wires into your home.
  3. Stay out of the water. Never go swimming or boating during a lightning storm. If you are in the water, get out as quickly as possible. Lightning can follow metal plumbing pipes, so avoid the shower or bathtub during a lightning storm.
  4. Avoid trees, poles and other tall objects. Avoid large metal objects. These things are targets for lightning.
  5. Go to low ground and crouch down low if you are caught outdoors.
  6. Keep a flashlight, battery-powered radio, and batteries on hand in the event of an electric outage.
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